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Deep consumer insight is crucial to successful strategy development and execution. Understanding what matters to consumers and drives their behavior is essential for leveraging countless sources of advantage—from creating growth opportunities, developing new products, evaluating acquisition targets and developing outsourcing strategies. Quite simply, consumer insight helps companies answer some of today’s most important questions:

  • What are the most attractive segments for my organization?

  • Which market segments are sizable, economically attractive, and defensible?

  • What are the consumer’s needs and how can we best serve them?

  • How are we and our competitors perceived by our customers, and by our potential customers?

  • What are the purchase and decision behaviors and patterns of consumers & shoppers?

  • Where are the biggest profit pools in our addressable market today?

  • What are the key levers and triggers to acquire and retain customers?

  • Where can we grow?

  • Can we profitably extend our brand(s) into new products, categories, and segments?

Through our unique Consumer Insights practice, Valient applies a unique, integrated approach that brings clients the full value of deeper customer understanding. We strive to uncover insight that translates into actionable strategies that drive measurable economic impact. Our customized consumer research is grounded in deep knowledge of business context and tightly integrated into strategic decision-making.

We push for deep insights and tie our findings directly to economic impact measures and their value to an organization. We also partner with companies to expand their existing capabilities, utilize their internal expertise, and leverage their category knowledge to further consumer & shopper insights.

Beyond this, we also have proprietary tools that we have developed over the years—qualitative and quantitative techniques that give deep insight and that are custom-applied to each client opportunity. We bring with us to each case a history of actionable insights drawing on our extensive research knowledgebase. By systematically integrating our consumer insight research into our work, we enable our clients to create real-world impact.


Achieving Corporate Reputation Excellence

The most valuable asset a corporation possesses does not appear on a balance sheet or roll off an assembly line. An organization’s corporate reputation is essential to its long-term success and must be developed, monitored and continuously nurtured to achieve excellence.

The term “corporate reputation” refers to the collective past experiences, interactions and judgments of a corporation that are attributed to an organization and its proven ability to deliver improved business results to multiple stakeholders over time.

These collective assessments include:

  • Financial performance

  • Investor & shareholder value

  • Corporate governance

  • Leadership & management

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) & sustainability

  • Workplace & employee relations

  • Community citizenship

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Product & service usage

  • Enterprise competitiveness

  • Research & innovation

  • Reputation Measurement & Competitive Benchmarking

Leading organizations perform annual reputation tracking research to monitor shifts in key stakeholder opinions, measure brand alignment and its competitive reputation landscape.

Valient’s Corporate Reputation Excellence program is a holistic approach to reputation management through its proprietary stakeholder alignment monitoring, risk assessment and competitor reputation benchmarking design elements.

This acclaimed measurement service establishes a world class reputation blueprint that is based directly on stakeholder mapping, survey-based key performance indicator (KPI) performance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) alignment and proven risk mitigation practices.

Benefits of Reputation Excellence Implementation

Corporate reputation measurement through the tracking of key stakeholder opinions is crucial to improve customer satisfaction, foster higher levels of customer loyalty and spur customer advocacy, encourage brand & product recommendation behaviors and ensure stakeholder engagement.  Valient’s Corporate Reputation Excellence practice actively monitors all stakeholder groups within a comprehensive survey-based platform that provides real-time dashboard capabilities to our clients around the globe.

Growing Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as a sustained commitment by a business to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of its workforce, the communities they operate within and society at large.

Within the CSR framework, corporate sustainability is a key element of successful corporate social responsibility programs. Corporate sustainability is often defined as a business approach that creates long-term consumer, employee & stakeholder value by creating a “green” strategy focused on the natural environment that takes into consideration every dimension of how a business operates in the physical, social, cultural, and economic environment. Successful enterprises also incorporate long-term employee development programs and transparency policies into their corporate sustainability strategy framework.

Tangible Benefits of Corporate Sustainability Programs

The quantification of the positive and measurable impacts has proven to be challenging for corporations that are starting a corporate sustainability program. Valient’s Corporate Reputation Excellence program provides internal key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring capabilities to ensure objectivity, comply with all applicable legal and corporate governance policies and eliminate internal data interpretation bias.

Properly implemented, corporate sustainability programs have proven to increase revenue, reduce expenses, cut material & outside purchases, reduce waste & scrappage levels, reduce hiring effectiveness, increase employee retention & productivity levels and mitigate operational risks throughout the entire enterprise.

Transparency Provides Improved Efficiency & Stakeholder Satisfaction

Corporate transparency is essential for organizations seeking to improve performance, profitability and stakeholder satisfaction. By promoting an open and engaged environment, corporations can deepen employee satisfaction & retention as well as enhancing the ability of the organization to attract new talent.

One of the key outcomes of enhanced employee engagement is higher levels of innovation, increased energy efficiency and encouraging internal cooperation between various parts of the company. This open culture approach also can deliver improved stakeholder satisfaction levels through direct information disclosure, clarity and accuracy.

Internal & External Stakeholder Engagement & Satisfaction

Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction is critical for corporate success. These external stakeholders can include:

  • The public at large

  • Business & consumer decision makers

  • Regulatory organizations

  • Public policy & law makers

  • Customers

  • Distributors

  • Supplier organizations

  • Investors

  • Employees

By implementing focused stakeholder management strategies, corporations can achieve high levels of stakeholder satisfaction that can increase revenues and profitability.

Corporate Reputation Excellence Provides Improved Performance, Resiliency & Effectiveness

The correlation between corporations with strong reputations and revenue, profits and stock prices is well documented in recent academic studies. Also improved is the ability or organizations to overcome reputation challenges and re-establish prior financial performance levels after a crisis event. This resiliency is crucial especially in industries effected by frequent product recalls, labor strikes, consumer activism and legislative actions. Companies with high levels of corporate reputation are better equipped to influence policy making and regulations affecting their respective industries.

Among consumer products companies, an excellent corporate reputation results in higher levels of product purchase intent for products & services as well as higher levels of brand promotion behaviors including a willingness to recommend an company’s products, services and/or brands to family, friends & colleagues. This “word of mouth” recommendation behavior is a central factor.

Internally, corporate reputation excellence is a proven attraction element for the recruitment of new employees and the retention of current employees. In several national studies, a direct correlation exists between an individual’s willingness to work for a particular company and their corporate reputation level. In technology, healthcare and other hyper competitive industries, the ability to attract and retain talent is a key success element and major cost driver. The alignment between an organization’s employees and its corporate strategy is also measurably higher in companies with higher corporate reputation scores.

Valient’s Corporate Reputation Excellence Program

Leveraging its corporate reputation management expertise and accurate data collection processes, Valient crafts customized reputation monitoring programs for organizations in over twenty industries.  As a purveyor of best-in-class business corporate reputation measurement services, our expert research artisans craft superior surveys, in-depth reports & insightful analyses expressly designed for corporate use, utilizing only the most modern digital methodologies and techniques. Our staff of highly skilled and experienced researchers and reputation strategy consultants deliver services of unparalleled quality, enabling us to offer a full line of decision support services envied by our competitors and highly valued by our numerous clients around the world.


Valient’s quantitative, qualitative and advanced analytics-based research methodologies are deployed to engage your target audiences, uncover unmet needs, determine drivers of behaviors and uncover actionable insights.

Quantitative Methodologies

Valient’s quantitative research methodologies incorporate sophisticated statistical modeling and multivariate analysis techniques that are designed to uncover powerful insights. These approaches help shape marketing, communications & advertising campaigns, further develop product & concepts for target markets and explore market sectors to determine barriers to entry, assess the current competitive landscape and determine optimal market positioning. Some of the quantitative methods we leverage include:

Brand Equity Assessment

Designed to optimize brand positioning and develop sustainable competitive advantages in the marketplace.

MarCom Assessment

Advanced techniques designed to understand the effectiveness of advertising & communication concept components including imagery, copy testing and key message evaluations.

Competitive Assessment

Provides your current competitive positions, those of your major & minor competitors and identifies methods to improve positioning and identifying barriers to entry and movement.

Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty & Winback

Delivers accurate key performance indicators (KPI) and longitudinal tracking regarding your relationships with current, past and future customers. Determination of key drivers of customer satisfaction and retention/loyalty is essential to enacting customer-centric relationship strategies and deploying innovative methods to winback lost or defector customers.

Market Strategy

Leveraging Valient’s complete assessment tool box including brand equity, marketing communications, price and competitive assessment, Valient’s highly skilled management consultants develop concise, data driven market strategies to elevate brands, increase sales and deepen relationships with existing customers.

Consumer Shopper Insights

Developing feedback systems from your current & prospective consumer customers is a major success factor for industry leading firms. Valient’s ability to provide geo-targeted and shopping event triggered data streams allows our clients to fine tune and alter merchandising, digital & mobile marketing & sales strategies to increase per shopping visit sales, maximize profit and grow market share.

Qualitative Methodologies

Valient utilizes a wide array of qualitative methods to engage your target audience, probe beyond the superficial, and uncover the emotions that motivate consumer and business decision maker thinking and ultimately action.

Focus Groups

Valient’s extensive network of over 60 U.S. metropolitan area focus group facilities and over 100 international focus group locations, we can provide full-service moderator’s guide development, focus group moderation, participant recruitment, incentivization and hosting services to make any qualitative project a success. Valient is a member of the FocusVision international focus group facility network that provide live broadband streaming of focus group sessions directly to your laptop or mobile device.

Online Focus Groups

Valient’s online focus group capabilities leverage the industry’s best online focus group hosting platform for small & large focus groups, in-depth interviews and large community forums. This flexible, cost-effective offering can provide you with qualitative insights from hard-to-reach business decision makers, consumers located in markets not served by central location focus group facilities and large geographic areas. Valient provide full-service moderation guide development, focus group moderation, transcription, participant recruitment, incentivization and comprehensive reporting services. Live respondent webcam simulcasting is also available on this platform. Graphic & audio stimuli are easily uploaded into this platform for all project requirements.

Online Bulletin Boards

Valient’s online bulletin board capabilities leverage the same platform as our online focus group hosting platform and provide an excellent forum for extended response bulletin board projects. Graphic and audio stimuli are easy to test using this method.

Advanced Analytics

Valient’s extensive analytic toolbox is continually updated to leverage the thinking of leading academics, social media experts and statistical software developers. Among the many advanced analytics methods we leverage include:

Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling & Analysis

Used for the creation of realistic buyer behavior and decision making models, Hierarchical Bayesian techniques are also used to produce highly accurate models for sales & marketing return-on-investment, campaign effectiveness and other complex market-based issues.

Latent Class Analysis (LCA)

Identifies unobservable sub-groups within a given population. These models are used to better understand the impact of exposure to patterns of multiple risks – as well as the antecedents and consequences of complex behaviors – so that new strategies can be implemented to specifically target these sub-groups.

Conjoint & Discrete Choice Modeling

A discrete choice model is one in which survey respondents choose among a set of alternatives. These models can include binary response or ordered response models. To ?t within a discrete choice framework, the set of alternatives – the choice set – needs to exhibit three characteristics: Alternatives need to be mutually exclusive, alternatives must be exhaustive and the number of alternatives must be finite.

Maximum Difference (MaxDiff) Scaling

An excellent approach for obtaining preference and importance scores for multiple items including brand preferences, brand images/logos, product features & attributes and advertising claims. Respondents are shown a set of the possible items in the MaxDiff exercise and are asked to indicate the best and worst items from each subset. Survey respondents typically complete a dozen or more such sets where each set contains a different subset of items. The combinations of items are designed with the goal that each item is shown an equal number of times and pairs of items are shown an equal number of times. Typically, each respondent sees each item two or more times across the MaxDiff sets. These MaxDiff exercises focus on estimating preference or importance scores for typically between 15 to 40 items though hundreds of items could be accommodated in more advanced applications.

TURF Analysis

The acronym TURF stands for “Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency.” TURF is an optimization approach for finding a subset of items that “reach” the maximum number of respondents possible. It is frequently used to determine the quantity and mix of products needed to meet customer demand within a given market.


This qualitative approach is used to identify and understand the underlying needs and motivations of target groups with regard to their purchase and choice behaviors. Laddering is based upon a deep understanding of individual personal values and is used to determine the importance of these values and how it impacts individual decisions regarding brand, product or service purchase choice. Within this methodological framework, individual personal values that are most dominant in driving behavior for a given decision are identified. These driving values help identify the most important rational and emotional benefits to consumer and business decision making audiences. In turn, these benefits help to focus attention on the most important tangible aspects of the decision. This approach is based on the means-end theory that suggests that key values are an end. Key attributes of selecting a brand, product or service choice constitute the means that lead to functional and psychological benefits which ultimately foster (or impede) deeply held personal values. By positioning a brand in a way that triggers these important pathways of thought or perceptual orientations and by communicating to audiences in a way that triggers these important personal values, advertising can better influence audience perceptions.

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